Sunday, December 26, 2010

Inner Angel Outer Devil Or The Opposite?

Some say that I have a ruby lips on a smile so sweet but some say I have a rude attitude that could knock them dead.

I could be an angel to you but I could be a devil for them. Now which is the real side? Let's figure it out.

The devil side...

♥ I could be venomous without provocation.
Sometimes I could just be so venomous without specific reason. I would criticize over someone just because that the person was such an eyesore to me. I would even do this to my best friends or family. The worst thing is I feel no guilty even that I know that my words would definitely hurt that person so much. I shall apologize here if I ever humiliated you and made you have any hard feelings towards me until now. I’m sorry and I really didn’t mean it. I am just love to be so mean. (It’s okay if you feel sick of me and you wanna leave. You should, because there’s still a point below would make you feel that I’m so heinous.)

♥ I’m totally a girlie devil.

I could still remember that I had done those absurd and ridiculous’s evil deeds since I was a little girl. For some lame reasons that I had totally forgot, I sabotaged my childhood companion which I had an argument with. I sabotaged him by treating him sandwich biscuits which I purposely topped them with the white-colored shower cream. I could still remember I was so happy when I saw he ate it. However, my happiness turned into extreme fear soon after he complained to his mother that the biscuit tasted weird. And you know what? His mother ate one biscuit with the special topping that I squeezed from the shower cream bottle. Then my mum knew about my terrible yet hilarious behavior. And I was beaten black and blue :P I am a bitch when I wanna be. I guess.

The idk-which-side...

♥ I’m anti-social freak.
I got problem on how to start a conversation with strangers. People who don’t really know me well may think that I’m arrogant, unapproachable and eccentric. When I just entered the university last year, I always stew alone in the corner of the class rather than mingle around with people. It went on until one day I missed my mathematics quiz because I missed one lecture which everyone was told about the quiz. It wouldn’t happen if I was able to make some friends as they would inform me although I missed the class. Thus I made up my mind to make more friends. I even forced myself to smile more often to show my friendliness. However I guess my plan failed. My foundation classmates got to know my name only until the end of trimester 2. They thought I was a repeater or transfer students. Some even thought that I was an international student because they claimed that I have a weird Mandarin slang, LOL!

The angelic side...

♥ I’m emotionally vulnerable, more than anyone else.
It was my dad’s birthday. I treated my family the dinner and I could see that my father’s mood was pretty good that night. After we got home, Dad suddenly grabbed my arm and brought me to the front of my younger bro. “I want both of you to shake hands and make it up. Siblings are always fighting. You may also have some bones to pick with each other, but just let bygones be bygones. Siblings don’t harbor “overnight hatred” in heart!” I felt embarrass and refused my dad at first. Eventually I obeyed my dad and I understand his intention. Right after the reconciliation, I back to my bedroom and burst into tears. Even I myself don’t really understand the reason why I cried. “Your sis really cares about you. She just doesn’t show her feeling.” I heard Mum told my younger bro before entered my bedroom. I guess I cried because my mum spoke my mind. For some uncertain reasons, my younger bro & I don’t speak to each other for these few years. However, both of us don’t hate each other. It’s just that we don’t talk to each other and my parents are worry about it. I don’t like to show the moment when I was most vulnerable, even to close friends. I seldom recount my worries and troubles to the others. I prefer to keep them in my heart.

♥ I cherish true friends, a lot.
If you have read the number 1 & 3 above then you should know why. I don’t even know how to make friend with people, never said to please someone else. Being the close friends with someone who is always that sarcastic is hard. Besides, those short fuses which I couldn’t work on them would definitely annoy people who are close to me, even to myself. I once had few true friends. However, I slowly losing them for I am not sure of the reason of it. Probably it was due to my irritating temper. We were stuck in an awkward situation when we found that our friendship began to fade away. Yes, we just let it be. After those days we never contact, I decided to make some efforts because I realised that I actually bother so much about our friendship. However I didn't make my efforts a success to save our friendship, so silently I called off the whole friendship when I had made a decision not to speak to you anymore. Maybe you girls just couldn't understand how I felt and those efforts I've made. Maybe I had really let it be too late to tell you how much you mean to me, like how we let our precious friendship slipped out our hands. Quoted: "Friendship can never come apart especially when It's straight from the heart." I've tried to retrieve the friendship, eventually I failed, then I should go on. It was a pity that we couldn't be BFFs, we were once so close, weren't us? Frankly, I’m not those types of sweet girl who would easily gain popularity among everybody, I would only need few friends who could bear with my imperfections and understand me well. And I know that I would cherish them well, too. Be good to me and I will be twice good to you.

That's all I can think for now. Till then, toodles!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hooray! It's A Holi-Holiday

Tick-tock Tick tock...

It's a new day, which means that the fourth day of TanFei's 19-year-old journey had just passed!

Happy birthday again, Mr. TF :)

We had his birthday celebration dinner on the night before we went to KL. We went to Sakura House which we had not been there for quite a long time since William & Jeremy's birthday celebration. This home-based Japanese Restaurant is located @Taman Desa Duyong, Melaka. It is opened at the residential area and they serve various kinds of Japanese cuisine with reasonable price which is slightly lower than those storefront restaurant.

Before Apple & the guys came...

YingYing :)

With Laine Laine.

XiuXiu in the house!

Hate my messy and frizzy hair. My blond hair is fugly because the black roots are growing :(

They didn't give customers menu and take their orders. We had to do-it-ourselves from the wall menu and passed the order list to the kitchen.

Japanese Style Curry Rice

Crumbed Pork Fillet Bento

Unagi Bento

Deep Fried Chicken and Prawn Bento

Shishamo Karaage

Prawn Tempura

Baby Octopus Gunkan

"Happy birthday TanFei!" from Little Bean Curd Skin Sushi.

Again, it was Nadeje the 3rd time.
"nah nah CBMFei Happy Birthday" :D

See the birthday boy was so happy

Finally a decent photo for the camera-phobic guy.

TF & Ying. Nice shot from me :)

Girls with the birthday person - The tradition.

Ple Ple, Elaine & CC.

My boy was soooo happy too :D

Birthday present on show : The Little DSLR.

Apple was pretending to snap photo for us with the Little DSLR. It's actually a 4GB pendrive :)

Chao Ah Gua Beng BF in the making. Pink stockings LOL

Nah! Don't messsss with me!

Ah Hao was so obsess with acting Dai Gor haha

Finally the group pic.

********************The next day********************

We headed to KL for the CNY clothes shopping in the next morning. End year sales is always the favourite event of the year for ladies.

Self snapshot before headed to the bus terminal.

MCD breakfast @Melaka Sentral.

The hustle and bustle of the city remained unperturbed by this stood still man who earned a living at the busy city street.

Pavillion was the shopping mall with the most festive atmosphere. Dataran Pahlawan and Jusco Tebrau City's christmas decorations are so superficial.

Merry Xmas everybody :)


The chewy taro balls, I likey :)

We had chosen one of the many many restaurants and stalls to settle our dinner at the well-known food street Jalan Alor. However I had a dreadful experience. A bunch of hawkers approached us before we settle down at the table and competed for business. I guess that every tourist would end up there having disaster rather than feast of good food.

Penang Asam Laksa

Penang Char Kuay Teow

Lor Bak Gou (Fried radish cake)

Grilled chicken wing

The girls returned fully loaded after the one-day shopping spree. I love buying cheapo clothes than branded one. First because I'm a poor student. Second because I can buy more clothes. On the contrary, I prefer with branded accesorries because I don't always chuck them like my old clothes so they ought to be more supple and durable.

It's late. Good night peeps!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

いらっしゃいませ ♥

I'm sorry to keep you waiting for my updates! Omatase shimashita!
Finally the Marketing and Statistics midterm test are over and midterm break begins :D

I had been helping out at the RAGE (Radical Anime Games Expo) Costume Cafe the week before the break started. It was organized by the campus EMINA club and I was invited by ShinYee to be a part of this event. She is a die hard fans of yaoi. She's obsessed with anything related with male homosexuality a.k.a BL (Boys Love). My job were to serve the cafe customers and sell fruit tarts around the campus. It was an easy task so I ended up with dragging other crews for camwhoring together :P

We were selling anime related products too!

Apparently I know nothing in anime/manga field. I need a mentor :(

I don't know a single anime character but I think they're so kawaii :)

Don't you think so? >3

The first day of my duty. Met Chloe, the Miss All-Time-Helpful. The fruit tart selling task became so easy when I had a partner like her. She had a wide social circle :)

YianYing, she saved my blushes when I was socially awkward to approach people for promoting >3

With MayLin, the head of Cafe Division. We have known each other thru ShinYee & HuiKuen like one year ago :)

KaiYuan, the cool red hair guy who spent his all vacant time in this event. Xin ku ler ;)

The kawaii girl, Jessy. She would whoop whenever her favourite one-piece character appeared in front of her :D

*Hugs Hugs*

Girls in yukata take ONE

take TWO

take THREE

Khoon Jessy KaiYuan.

The pic was taken during fruit tart selling with KaiYuan.

KeeWee came! I know you would buy more tarts from me if you quit clubbing for one week :P

Jeremy & Ron came too :D

The RAGE cafe. Not really had a cafe atmosphere thou =X

Sandwich in the making.

The gaming zone.

Hunny came too! He did some photoshoots for me on the last day of my duty. The very unprofessional one lar -____-

p.s. It's such a regret that I was unable to fulfill my duties for the last day of the event. It was fun and I am looking forward to work with you guys next time. Arigatogozaimatsu :) And finally the first post of the new layout! This post had been gone through a 'difficult labour' as it's really hard for me to keep my butt in the chair lately because it is midterm break naoooo! Casual hangout, shopping time and family gathering just don't allow me to finish this post earlier.

I'll be back shortly. Do miss me XOXO

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